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About wignalls yallo

Wignalls Yallo cold pressed rapeseed oil is grown on a family-run Lancashire farm that’s been nursed lovingly back to life. Using sustainable farming methods, the award-winning rapeseed oil, which is used in our kitchen at Moor Hall, is sown, grown, harvested and pressed all on Wignalls Farm.

Wignalls Yallo rapeseed oil is 100% cold-pressed, meaning it’s made using a ‘press’ to squeeze the oil out of the seeds, retaining all the natural flavour. It’s then simply filtered and bottled. Only products labelled as ‘cold pressed’ are naturally processed without the use of heat and chemicals, keeping in all the goodness.

Penned as ‘sunshine in a bottle’ by its producers, Yallo has a subtle yet delicious taste that’s just as good in its purest form for cooking or dressing as it is when used for roasting and frying. It is also packed full of health benefits, being low in saturated fat and a rich source of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant.

As well as offering their rapeseed oil in all its original glory, Wignalls Yallo also offer a range infused with additional flavours, such as Lemon & Thyme (perfect for chicken) Cornish Sea Salt & Rosemary (a delicious dressing) Habanero Chilli (for a spicy kick) and Garlic & Garden Herb (a real boost to bread, meat or salads).

Wignalls Yallo recently won a Great Taste Star for 2020 for their oil.


An exclusive offer for Moor Hall guests & subscribers!

Simply buy four bottles of your choice and receive a fifth free! Available on purchases of the 500ml traditional recipe (£4.50 per bottle) and the 250ml infusion bottles (£4 per bottle). Order any four online and to redeem your fifth, quote ‘Moor Hall’ in the special instructions, and indicate which bottle you’d like as your free gift.

First order only.


Website: www.wignallsfarm.com/shop

Telephone: 01257 427244