Sous Vide Tools

About sous vide tools

Sous Vide Tools are on a mission to introduce both home and professional chefs to a selection of modernist cooking products that allow you to introduce new techniques and trends into your kitchen. Whether this be one of their wide range of Sous Vide and vacuum packing products, including their own smart ‘iVide’ WiFi range or smart Sous Vide thermal circulators; dehydrators, smoking guns, newly introduced Japanese Barbeques or a pressure cooker to name a few. Working with some of the UK’s top chefs, Sous Vide Tools try to source products that allow both the home and professional kitchen to be empowered to produce the highest quality foods and beverages.

Their range of smoking guns allow you to infuse foods such as fish, meats and vegetables without heat, adding classic aromas such as hickory or applewood, or more creative flavours like teas, spices or dried flowers.

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The new iVide 2.0 Cooker is the world’s “smartest Sous Vide tool to date”, vowing to ensure you never have under or overcooked food again. In a few simple steps you can select the type of product you’re cooking, along with weight and preferred ‘doneness’ and the iVide 2.0 Cooker will do the rest.

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