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The Barn at Moor Hall will reopen for outdoor dining on Tuesday 13th April, and indoor dining on Tuesday 18th May. Moor Hall Restaurant with Rooms will reopen on Wednesday 19th May.

You can make a reservation from these dates to 31st October online. Please email if you would like to reserve a later date.

Lalani & Co London


About lalani & co London

Sunshine, soil, plants, and people; the taste of a tea is created by every environmental and human influence along its journey from the seed.

Lalani & Co London understands the craft of making exquisite tea. For 10 years, they have been sourcing individual small-batch teas from the different tea terroirs of the world for private customers and leading restaurants, valuing seasonal sourcing, independent and family-run tea gardens, and full traceability.

Their tea library is the result of 10 years’ experience sourcing, making, and even ageing the most delicious of these small-batch teas.