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The Barn at Moor Hall will reopen for outdoor dining on Tuesday 13th April, and indoor dining on Tuesday 18th May. Moor Hall Restaurant with Rooms will reopen on Wednesday 19th May.

You can make a reservation from these dates to 31st October online. Please email if you would like to reserve a later date.

Exmoor Caviar

About exmoor caviar

Exmoor Caviar is the UK’s first caviar producer, based in North Devon. Their naturally produced caviar uses the fresh spring water of the River Mole to grow their sturgeon, and the caviar is seasoned with Pure Cornish Sea Salt only.

Each day, Exmoor Caviar have 45 million litres of water passing through the farm, which gives the fish a wonderful environment to grow in. With this quality, and sheer quantity of water, the flavour is passed into the caviar with a clean, smooth flavour, enhanced with the salt. Rich, creamy, hints of oyster and full of umami, their caviar is packed with flavour.

Exmoor Caviar ordinarily supply restaurants with a combined 80 Michelin Stars throughout the country, as well as Harrods and British Airways. We have been working with them since we opened Moor Hall, and now, you can also buy from them direct.



Telephone: 0207 2233 640