Difference Coffee


About difference coffee

Difference Coffee was established in the UK in 2015 by Amir Gehl, a foodie turned coffee expert. What started as a simple curiosity of how arabica coffee is graded has resulted in a small roaster renowned by both speciality coffee aficionados as well as many of the world’s best fine dining establishments.

Gehl’s sourcing philosophy is based on the 100 point grading system created by the Specialty Coffee Association. Simply put, he seeks out the world’s highest point scoring Arabica beans by bidding for coffee competition champions at auctions and befriending legendary coffee estates, the coffees of which he then roasts to order.

His collection comprises of some of the world’s most coveted beans, including the Champion coffee from the annual Kona Coffee Competition in Hawaii, the legendary Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, and the most revered Panama Geisha of Hacienda La Esmeralda. His roastery recently became the supplier for both the UK Michelin Award ceremony and the Best Chef Awards.



Website: www.differencecoffee.com

Telephone: 020 7873 2062