The National Restaurant Awards 2024


14 Jun 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve secured 3rd place in the Top 100 list at The National Restaurant Awards!
This is now our fifth year in the top three, which really is an amazing accomplishment and one we are so proud of.  Mark Birchall’s vision and passion for Moor Hall inspires the whole team to deliver excellence for our guests. As the highest placed restaurant in the North, we are humbled to be flying the flag for restaurants outside of the capital.

“When I set out on my Moor Hall journey, I had a vision to bring together the very best surroundings with an unrivalled dining experience. I truly believe, that in the short space of time since we opened our doors, we have delivered just that”  – Mark Birchall.

Launched in 2007, The National Restaurant Awards celebrate the UK’s rich and varied dining scene.

Restaurants are judged by an elite ‘academy’ of more than 200 experts. At judging time, the panel of food writers, chefs, and restauranteurs individually choose the seven best restaurants they’ve eaten at in the last 12 months, ranking them in order of favour. From this preference, the awards committee compiles a list of the UK’s top 100 restaurants.

Moor Hall topped this list in 2021 and 2019, with the 2020 awards sadly cancelled due to Covid. In 2022, Moor Hall ranked second on the overall list, but still topped the list of the best English restaurants, a title it retained in the 2023 awards.

The National Restaurant Awards are owned and operated by Restaurant magazine and awards are presented at an event held each summer in London.

“It’s impressive stuff from a chef at the top of his game, one that marks Moor Hall out as a true Lancashire gem,” Moor Hall’s National Restaurant Awards listing


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