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Adam Wilkinson, General Manager at Moor Hall & The Barn


24 Jul 2020

Talk us through a typical day for you.

As I am responsible for the entire staff and guests then my day is hugely influenced by many varying circumstances, therefore although I have a daily routine it can often be interrupted! In general I will arrive in the morning and check in with the breakfast team, ensuring all guests had an enjoyable start to the day and that there were no operational or staffing concerns.

Next I’m into the office to check and respond to emails and prepare some reports, reflecting on the previous day’s trading. I hold a morning meeting at 11am to review our reservations for the day ahead and make sure all teams are fully briefed and prepared. Then, it’s time to prepare for lunch service and welcome our first guests from 11.30am.

During service I will welcome guests in the lounge and present menus, before they head through into the restaurant to be looked after by our very capable and talented Restaurant and Kitchen teams. The afternoon will usually be a chance for me to catch up on emails and conduct meetings with staff and suppliers, and, on school days, pick up my daughter from the local nursery just down the road!

In the evening I will again maintain a presence in the bar and lounge area and support the restaurant team where necessary.

How did you first get into the industry?

I started working in a hotel restaurant part-time from the age of 15, following a two-week work placement. Initially, I wanted to be a chef as my passion at a young age was cooking however I quickly realised that Front of House was where I wanted to be! I loved the social atmosphere and family feeling that the staff enjoyed whilst at work.

What are your top three highlights from your career to date?

1. Landing a spot on a two year Senior Management Development program with Devonshire Hotels and Restaurants earlier on in my progression which helped fast track my management career through making connections, intense management training and international placements.

2. Being a key part of the team at Moor Hall when the Restaurant was awarded the two Michelin stars, I will never forget the feeling the day that was announced and the buzz, excitement and incredible atmosphere going around the workplace!

3. The success of Moor Hall being recognised as the Best Restaurant in the UK at the National Restaurant Awards last year.

What’s your favourite part of the guest experience & why?

My favourite part of the guest experience is in the bar and lounge area before they head into the dining room. This is where you can sense the excitement and anticipation and it really sets the tone for the dining journey to come. We like surprises here at Moor Hall, so we don’t reveal everything in advance! There are a lot of little extras that just turn up in front of our guests and a number of these are presented in the bar area, to enjoy with an aperitif whilst perusing their menu.

Top reasons to visit Moor Hall and The Barn?

Visit Moor Hall for an outstanding, world class dining experience. To be looked after by a team searching to be the best in their trade. Enjoy incredible flavours in an exceptional environment mixing the charm and character of a 16th century Manor House with the more modern, exciting feel of the restaurant extension.

Visit The Barn for fantastic quality dining in a unique charismatic environment, a restaurant that you would want to come back to again and again, particularly for the amazing Sunday lunch offering!

Best thing about working here?

Personally I feel there are a lot of great things about working at Moor Hall but I would say the best thing is the fantastic clientele that we meet. We attract such different guests as the restaurant appeals to so many people from different walks of life, however the best thing is seeing their reactions and receiving feedback following their experience. It’s such a positive feeling and makes the hard work worth while.

Favourite way to spend your day off?

A lot changes regarding your social time when children come into your life, previously it was holidays, short breaks, eating out, nights out with friends. Now my favourite days off are spent enjoying quality time with my wife and daughter, friends and family, and when the weather allows, enjoying the countryside with a picnic or BBQ, of course with great food and wine!

If you weren’t a General Manager, what would you be?

It’s a difficult question as the hospitality industry is like no other and it’s all I have known all my life, however in a fantasy world where I could choose any other profession it would have to be driving Formula One. From a young age I have always been interested in performance cars and I was always competitive with my brothers and friends on the go karting track! It is also a sport at the top of its game, working with the best in the industry in an exciting, ever-changing environment, so not so different!

Want to work with Adam and his team? We are looking for passionate and talented people to join our family across Moor Hall Restaurant with Rooms and The Barn at Moor Hall.

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